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Welcome to ShoutWiki!

Create your own wiki with the MediaWiki software, advanced features, and great customer support!

What is ShoutWiki?

ShoutWiki is a free, ad-supported wiki hosting service. We offer wiki hosting to individuals, companies, school, universities and communities.

Our staff are very experienced with the MediaWiki software and can help you with any and all problems and questions you may encounter.

We offer three different types of a wiki, of which each one has different features: public wikis, private wikis and school / university wikis. Please read more about the different wiki types before choosing one - you never know which fits best for your purposes!

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Interested in new features? Want to discuss with other users and staff members about your awesome suggestion about how to improve the site? That's great! ShoutWiki's bug/issue tracker can be found at It is the place where you want to go when you want to request a new feature or report issues with existing ones.

Site status updates and other stuff from the staff team are posted into the official ShoutWiki blog at, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter.

ShoutWiki staff can be reached by email at troppusmoc.ikiwtuohs if you need to discuss with the staff team privately. We can answer any and all questions you may have about ShoutWiki.

You can also join us on the Libera Chat IRC server, The main support channel there is #ShoutWiki. Please see Help:IRC and ShoutWiki Hub:IRC for more information about IRC and our IRC channel. Hope to see you there soon!

Why choose ShoutWiki?

ShoutWiki News

  • ShoutWiki has upgraded to MediaWiki 1.35.9. (February 2023)
  • ShoutWiki has upgraded to MediaWiki 1.34.2. (June 2020)
  • ShoutWiki has upgraded to MediaWiki 1.32. (March 2019)
  • We're looking for new talent! See our Vacancies page.