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Why is ShoutWiki a good choice for your wiki? Because we offer a lot of features that other wiki hosting services and their softwares do not. Here in this article, you will find a(n) (incomplete) list of ShoutWiki's features.. To learn more about MediaWiki's features in general, check out the MediaWiki feature list on


Customer Support

ShoutWiki offers customer support for all of its users and wikis. If you need help with your wiki, or of you have any questions regarding ShoutWiki, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Customer Support Team. The staffers have full access to all wikis and they're shown on Special:ListUsers/staff on every wiki. ShoutWiki also offers Real-time support for all users in the form of several IRC channels. ShoutWiki's general IRC channel is #ShoutWiki on You can access it via an online-based IRC client, such as KiwiIRC. The members of the Customer Support Team are often on the channel and so are several other active users and experienced wiki admins, so it is one of the best ways of getting help.

Technical staff

ShoutWiki's technical staff develop new features for ShoutWiki and help out users in case of technical problems or bugs. They work on the MediaWiki software used by ShoutWiki and they are responsible for fixing bugs reported on ShoutWiki's Phabricator. Like the Customer Support Team, technical staff also have full access to all wikis and they're shown on Special:ListUsers/staff on every wiki even though the technical staff doesn't need this access too often.

Shared login

ShoutWiki uses a Shared login between all public wikis. That means that once you log in to one ShoutWiki-hosted wiki, you'll be logged in to all of them. Your personal preferences are also be shared between all wikis.

Anti-spam measures

Spam is a common problem with websites that allow posts from the public, such as guestbooks and of course, wiki sites. ShoutWiki has different tools to help you combat against spam and the spammers. The ConfirmEdit tool adds simple captchas to your wiki. If you need to have the captcha settings changed for your wiki, please contact us.

Another powerful feature is the hidden input field on editing view and on other forms. This extension adds a field that users will not see and shouldn't fill out. Spambots automatically fill out all fields on a page, so they will get blocked and since your users can't see the hidden field and won't fill it out, they won't be affected.

Creating your own wiki

On ShoutWiki you are able to Create your own wiki site in four steps, the entire process takes only a few minutes. Detailed explanations of each step can be found on our Creating a wiki help page.


Pages on any ShoutWiki wiki are grouped into collections called namespaces, which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can also have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages.

Namespaces are indicated in page titles by prefixing the page name with "namespace:", so the prefix "Help:" indicates that a page is in the Help namespace.

The most important namespace on a wiki is actually the one without prefixes, called the mainspace. Some pages with prefixes do not have a namespace of their own, if there is no namespace called "Cat" then the page "Cat:Feeding habits" will go into the mainspace as well. This namespace typically contains the bulk of the content pages in a wiki and generally has no special properties.

Social features, available on request

ShoutWiki also offers several Social tools that can be added to your wiki on request. If you wish to add these features to your wiki, don't hesitate to contact the Customer Support Team.

Importing a wiki

ShoutWiki can import a wiki for you! If you contact the Customer Support Team, they can arrange to download a database dump for you, or you can send us yours. We'll upload it for you, and can also run a script that will re-upload all the images from your previous host for you!

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