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ShoutWiki's Staff

ShoutWiki Staff are the people behind this site. They are employees of ShoutWiki and have full access to all ShoutWiki-hosted wikis and thus are shown on Special:ListUsers/staff on all wikis. You can email the staff by writing to troppusmoc.ikiwtuohs. The staffers are located in the United States of America, Australia, and Europe, as well as other parts of the world.

Jack the…cat.

Kitten.png Jack Phoenix leads the customer support staff. He is a MediaWiki software developer and has an extensive background in translations, having translated various bits of the MediaWiki software.

He lives currently in Turku, Finland and speaks fluent English, native Finnish and some French and Swedish.


Nicmavr avatar.jpg Nicmavr is known for his extensive background with Halopedia, his home wiki. He has moderate to extensive experience in HTML coding, basic wiki markup and IRC commands, and is also capable of running basic bot operations using pywikipediabot and AutoWikiBrowser.
Nicmavr is currently based in Cyprus, and speaks native English and fluent Greek.

DeviantSalens ShoutWiki Staff

DeviantSalens.png DeviantSalens speaks Norwegian natively, but he can speak other languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. This is an user who can use CSS, JavaScript, HTML and Wiki-code. He supports ShoutWiki's Spanish and Portuguese wikis. Also, he leads ShoutWiki's Spanish Hub.

You can contact him in English, Spanish or Portuguese.


Lcawte.jpg Lcawte is the Chief Technical Officer for ShoutWiki. He looks after our servers and tries to fix any bugs that come up with ShoutWiki so he is best to contact if you notice any problems with the site.


Blindfold hat.jpg Isarra is ShoutWiki's User Experience Designer and Uncyclopedia administrator. She has a computer science degree and currently lives in the United States.