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Hello there!

Please read the following if you're interested in getting in contact with me and need to say or send something.

  • Do you need to report a software bug? Report it on our Phabricator as we the developer staff on ShoutWiki can easily track these software reports.
  • Do you have a general question that could be answered from multiple people? Post your question on Forum:Index as more people will be able to see it and it can encourage discussion and participation from other people as well gain more attention.
  • If you want to privately message me through #ShoutWiki, please consider if you really need to. It's great if you want to casually chat with me, however I'd really appreciate it if you only talked to me only if you need help, as I'm pretty busy and it makes it easier to respond to messages when they're more on topic.

If you went through this list and decided that you still need to contact me, press one of the buttons below.