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Before to start so so so sorry for coment the subject ; Exploring the Stargate wiki, I wikis Some (as I normally do) and reviewing the discussions of personal and a message that there is yours, saying there was UN attack or something. I went to the wiki mentioned, (the Stargate) and there was a contribution in the discussion LIMAFOX76 Administrator, UN and sin had Message No firm, which I think is yours Titled: I need some help, Then You put some of the people listed template and uploading photos. In this message (who wrote the page Jack Phoenix) read: Vandalism / Personal atack that is different from what the templates in the message that an un ponias That reportarías user and changed its profile; Can you not change your own profile? This protected or something? At the end of beams reference to inactivity LIMAFOX76 administrator and then: No Hay Otro administrator available to check out your profile in the wiki? It would be interesting to do one that reference in the message itself. Change the user to a profile offensive, report the Special: Contact and add in the report specic data such as the user name.

Please , in my discussion you can contest the message with the results and /o an other something and your answer of this?

NO here please in my discussion page.

--Libros (talk) 17:21, 11 December 2015 (UTC)