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This is an account to which I changed from 鯉色マッリ(Carp-Marisa).
pronounce of "Kalsava" is freedom.
now, I'm running a wiki.

Sub accounts[edit]

  • 鯉色マッリ - Old account. pronunciation of national languages are:
    • in English, Carp-Marisa or Carp-Marri.
    • in Germany, Karpfen-Marisa or Karpfen-Marri.
    • in French, Carpe-Malisa or Carpe-Malli[1].
    • in Italian, Carpa-Marri.
  • T-Kalsava - To prevent spoofing and let non-Japanese-speaker type my name easily.


  1. Because French R is pronounced [ʁ] unlike Japanese R [ɾ] and L is one of allophone of Japanese R.