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This is a staff technical guide on how to set up a custom domain, if you wish to use a custom domain with shoutwiki please see Set up custom domain.

Prerequisites: SSH+sudo access to server.

  1. Confirm the domain is set up properly DNS-wise. They need to have a CNAME pointing to the shoutwiki subdomain they want to be serving. A records will not work, it MUST be a CNAME. Only if DNS is properly set up should you continue to the next steps, as they will prevent users from easily accessing the site at the subdomain (all links on the wiki will be using the custom domain).
    • The DNS spec disallows CNAME records for the "root" of a dns zone. In the event you wish to redirect the main domain, set the CNAME record for the "" entry and add an A record for the "@" entry pointing at ShoutWiki's IP address (nslookup or dig to find out what that IP is).
  2. SSH into the server
  3. Edit the wiki's config file at /var/www/live/w/settings and add the line $wgServer = ""; where is the custom domain they wish to use (if www is desired, include that too). Make sure to include the http:// but NEVER add a trailing slash. Adding a trailing slash will cause redirection loops.
  4. Edit the apache config file at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/199-shoutwiki-default and add the domain to the ServerAlias directive (include both www and non-www if both are desired). Example: ServerAlias You can either add a new ServerAlias line or add it to an existing one.
  5. Restart apache via sudo service apache2 restart.
  6. Verify that the domain works properly.

If you experience issues with any of the above steps, contact a member of the technical team before coming to me on IRC (don't add anything to my talk page, I don't check it often). I can set up DNS for any custom domains in case the registrar cannot, in the event this is needed please contact me on IRC.