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Template:Ping invokes Module:Notify using Lua.

Display one or more links in the User: namespace as a comma-delimited list, but without the namespace, typically in a discussion to notify the users in their personal toolbars of the discussion.

Because of limitations in the MediaWiki notification system, references to more than 50 users in a single edit (e.g., using this template more than once) results in no notifications. Unregistered users (IP addresses) do not receive notifications other than from their talk pages. This template can be helpful in discussions that are not threaded to indicate which user's comment has been answered. However, most, if not all, discussions at ShoutWiki (talk pages and forums) are threaded.

  • It is not necessary to use this template to notify a user if there is already a link to the username in the edit (e.g., using {{U}}) or if the edit is to the user's talk page. As a matter of etiquette, please do not ping users on their own talk pages.
  • For notifications to be sent, the edit that adds new User: links must be:
    • On a new line, not an edit to an existing line, and
    • Signed with new signature tildes (~~~~).
  • The @ notation in the generated text is cosmetic only. It serves no purpose other than to make addressing users resemble a format common on other media.


{{Ping|prefix=prefix|c=conjuction|p=punctuation|username|label=displayname|username|label2=displayname| ...}}

one or more user account names (up to 50)
label, label1, label2, ..., label50
(optional, default: same as the corresponding username) user's displayed name (label and label1 are synonyms.)
(optional, default: @) string to use before the first username
(optional, default: and) conjunction to use before the last username if more than one usernname
(optional, default: :) punctuation to use after the last username


Single user
{{Ping|Jack Phoenix}} Message text.


@Jack Phoenix: Message text.

Multiple users with displaynames
{{Ping|Jack Phoenix|label1=Jack|ShoutWiki}} Message text.


@Jack and ShoutWiki: Message text.

Different punctuation

There is no space between the last name and the punctuation unless it is specified in the parameter.

{{Ping|Jack Phoenix|p= –}} Message text.


@Jack Phoenix – Message text.

No punctuation
{{Ping|Jack Phoenix|p=}} Message text.


@Jack Phoenix Message text.

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