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Format is hard to read. Box text overlaps text in box below. Height setting[edit]

On my Firefox browser the text extends outside the boxes, and overlaps text in the box below.

I use a minimum font size in Firefox options, content tab, advanced.

The problem is the height setting for each box. Each box is currently set to 200px height. When I remove that setting then the problem is solved. See below:

ShoutWiki's Customer Support Team

These people are our customer support staff. If you need help with your wiki, they can help you. The staffers have full access to all wikis and they're shown on Special:ListUsers/staff on every wiki, so don't hesitate to ask for help. The customer support staff can help you with issues such as JavaScript, CSS, MediaWiki extensions and dealing with spam.

Jack the…cat.

Kitten.png Jack Phoenix leads the customer support staff. He is a MediaWiki software developer and has an extensive background in translations, having translated various bits of the MediaWiki software.

He lives currently in Turku, Finland and speaks fluent English, native Finnish and some French and Swedish.

Lynton ShoutWiki Staff

L.png Lynton is a seasoned wiki editor and administrator, with over five years experience working on MediaWiki wikis.

Lynton can help you with basic wiki markup, as well as more advanced functionality such as parser functions and regular expressions.

Pinky says "hai"

Pinkycandy.jpg Pinky speaks English natively, and a little German, and codes mostly using Python. He's the local bot guru who knows a lot about pywikipediabot.
Pinky is also a MediaWiki developer and he has written the wiki creation tool for ShoutWiki. He lives in the United States.

Jedimca0 ShoutWiki Staff

Jedimca0 avatar.jpg Jedimca0 has an extensive background in helping out editors with the many different aspects of a wiki. He is skilled with advanced techniques, such as CSS and templates.
Currently Jedimca0 lives in the Netherlands and he speaks Dutch as his native tongue, fluent English and some German.

Solar Dragon

Solar-1.jpg Solar Dragon is a staffer who is good with wiki code, parser functions and CSS. He also has access to bot software and is willing to use it to help others if asked.
Solar Dragon lives in England and speaks native English.


Nicmavr avatar.jpg Nicmavr is known for his extensive background with Halopedia, his home wiki. He has moderate to extensive experience in HTML coding, basic wiki markup and IRC commands, and is also capable of running basic bot operations using pywikipediabot and AutoWikiBrowser.
Nicmavr is currently based in Cyprus, and speaks native English and fluent Greek.


Cook879.png Cook879 is a team member who is good with wiki code and CSS. He also has access to bot software and is willing to use it to help others if asked.
Cook879 lives in England and speaks English.

Feel free to delete my above example. It adds entries to the table of contents of this talk page.

--Timeshifter (talk) 14:18, 11 September 2013 (UTC)

this page in Ukrainian[edit]

To view and read this page in Ukrainian language You can on the project:Персонал_ShoutWiki. Request to the technical support team to link to this page in the tab language Selection. --Usik64 обговорення 08:18, 19 October 2015 (UTC)