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Do you have an existing wiki-based website that you would like to move to ShoutWiki? Or do you have a static website that you'd like to transform into a wiki? If so, read on!

Why move?[edit]

ShoutWiki offers great service[edit]

Regardless of what you're looking for, ShoutWiki is able to offer an option to you. Whatever it is that you require, know that your wiki is run using the newest and fastest version of MediaWiki; has great extensions available to you and your community; and has the backing of a knowledgeable and friendly Customer Support Team and Technical Team, both of which are staffed by a wide range of people, including MediaWiki developers and veteran wiki editors.

New features[edit]

ShoutWiki has the following features, among many others:

  1. Create a new wiki in seconds
  2. Many different wiki types to choose from. You want a site that only approved editors can edit? No problem!
  3. Real-time technical support and help
  4. Hate spam? So do we. ShoutWiki has many safeguards in place to combat spam.
  5. Cool premium features, such as new skins and ad removal
  6. Social tools for your wiki
  7. Unobtrusive advertisements for free wikis. If you want to make your wiki 100% ad-free, that is also possible.
  8. Shared user login. All you need is one account and you can use that to edit any public ShoutWiki-hosted wiki. Yep, that's right — you don't need half a dozen accounts to be able to edit different wikis!
  9. And lots more!

How can I move to ShoutWiki?[edit]

Contact our Customer Support Team for assistance. If you have a raw SQL dump or a .xml dump of your wiki, it will make things easier for us but it's not a must.

If you have custom extensions that aren't available on the official MediaWiki SVN, we'll also need the source code of those.

Got questions?[edit]

If you have questions that this guide doesn't answer, please don't hesitate to contact our staff! We're here to help you and to make your wiki a success. See Customer Support Team#Contact us for info on contacting the team.