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ShoutWiki offers most of its source code available for downloading, which makes us an open company. Thus, our source code is considered to be open source.

Why open source?[edit source]

ShoutWiki has chosen this route because open source is, quite simply, great! It allows multiple skilled developers and members of the community to collaborate on a project together with the intent to improve the code we originally developed.

Our contributions[edit source]

Various members of ShoutWiki's Staff contribute code to the MediaWiki software and the extensions used by ShoutWiki. Usually, but not always, these staff members are members of the technical team. A current, up-to-date list of ShoutWiki staff members who contribute patches to MediaWiki can be found on (a MediaWiki developer account is required to view the list).

In addition to patches to the core MediaWiki software and some extensions, we have released many of our custom extensions. You can see a full list of the available extensions on

Why isn't extension X available?[edit source]

If some extension of ours is not available in the official MediaWiki SVN repository, then it is most likely a premium feature. Premium extensions are not open-source due to a variety of reasons.

In some cases, it might be that the extension was not even developed originally by ShoutWiki but a third party rather. It is possible that we deemed the extension good and wanted to get it up and running on our sites but were required not to distribute its source code by the original author or authors.

Likewise, the extension may still be experimental and we are waiting for it to mature before we display its source code.

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