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I can not figure out how to log in here:

I have no idea what my ticket ID is.

Special:Contact recognizes me as being logged in as Timeshifter. Why doesn't the ShoutWiki Support Ticketing System? Special:Contact feeds into it. --Timeshifter (talk) 21:16, 1 December 2013 (UTC)

You should've gotten an automated response that has the ticket ID in it. If you haven't gotten that (check your spam folder, maybe?), then there really doesn't seem to be a way to find out the ticket ID without asking us.
Special:Contact is a MediaWiki extension (called ContactPage), and hence it seamlessly integrates with MediaWiki, whereas uses an entirely separate support ticket system called osTicket.
I'd like to remind everyone that Special:Contact is a way to privately contact all of the ShoutWiki staff, and hence it really should be used for matters that need to remind private. Most issues do not generally speaking fall into this category, and there are better venues for those, such as:
  • Bugzilla for reporting technical issues (software bugs, feature requests, etc.); Bugzilla does require a separate account registration, which is unfortunate, though.
  • ProblemReports extension (available on all wikis' all content pages) for reporting things such as incorrect content, or other issues better dealt by local administrators of a wiki
  • ShoutWiki forum for general ShoutWiki-related questions, suggestions and discussion (i.e. "how do I...?" etc.)
This is just a general reminder, because often forums (for example) can provide a swifter response to small-scale questions than using Special:Contact. And given the variety of wikis that we host, there's no way how we could possibly know everything about our wikis' topics, which is a perfect reason for using the ProblemReports tool for reporting issues with pages' contents. :-)
Finally, Timeshifter, I believe that Lcawte has answered your ticket. Please let me know if you haven't gotten his reply. --Jack Phoenix ShoutWiki Staff (contact) 07:19, 5 December 2013 (UTC)