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This is the place to discuss ShoutWiki itself, its policies, practices, and features, or other issues of a general nature that can affect all wikis or users.

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Any recommendations of wikis on this site?00:31, 10 June 2024SuperStreetKombat
ShoutWiki doesn't work00:39, 31 December 2023Hooligan
Does anybody know what happened to Salarvander?00:20, 21 April 2023SuperStreetKombat
Yandex22:42, 18 April 2023Lcawte
Regarding the ongoing drama on Weirdcyclopedia23:09, 23 March 2023SuperStreetKombat
When can I create new wiki? it`s still a error?16:38, 8 March 2023Tali64^2
Database error when logged in18:36, 12 May 2022Saftzie
More errors20:20, 29 April 2022Saftzie
I found more broken pages20:03, 29 April 2022Saftzie
MediaWiki should be upgraded to 1.3711:08, 6 February 202282.82.105.119
Custom security patches live for the December 2021 MediaWiki security issues23:43, 15 December 2021Jack Phoenix
Some doubts04:19, 25 November 2021Danniel
I want to use 5 above wikis07:47, 1 August 2021Msnhinet8
Delete Wiki01:30, 1 August 2021Zocktersrat
More Language23:38, 11 November 2020Saftzie
Just Curious20:45, 31 October 2020RJAlvarez
Wiki Deletion Policy19:44, 6 January 2020Lcawte
Wait, so this is really free?09:25, 5 January 2020Saftzie
Where can I report a wiki with hatespeech?07:17, 27 November 2019Manuela
Remove the 5-wiki limit19:14, 17 November 2019Saftzie
InstantCommons11:28, 24 February 2019PERCE-NEIGE
Can't import07:05, 23 December 2018Saftzie
Create a wiki02:58, 19 September 2018Msnhinet8
You can give me monaco skin file?04:56, 10 September 2018Saftzie
What am I doing wrong?10:53, 5 September 2018Saftzie
My wiki change timezone16:12, 23 March 2018Saftzie
Welcome to ShoutWiki08:11, 18 February 2018Stranger195
GlobalPreferences development06:00, 11 October 2017Samwilson
Cannot Log into Shoutwiki18:53, 9 May 2017Saftzie
Report Bugs on several Skins19:23, 27 April 2017Saftzie
Itdbwiki is shut down now21:27, 3 April 2017SamanthaNguyen
Move this forum to Community Help forum?05:42, 18 January 2017Timeshifter
Improve the current wiki adoption process and/or its discoverability08:25, 13 January 2017Saftzie
Create a volunteer-based group for cross wiki anti-vandalism02:59, 13 January 2017SamanthaNguyen
ShoutWiki staff22:37, 18 December 2016AmandaQuad
I can't edit anything.23:15, 30 September 2016Saftzie
Why can I edit this site but not my wiki?23:15, 30 September 2016Saftzie
Unacceptable.23:15, 30 September 2016Saftzie
Getting permission error trying to view my own blog23:14, 30 September 2016Saftzie
Wikis in need of editors23:41, 4 August 2016Saftzie
Wikia "MonetizationModule" extension02:41, 3 August 2016Rock-O-Jello
Summer 2015 Product Discussion18:45, 9 June 2016Saftzie
Forum talk19:57, 11 December 2015Jack Phoenix
How do I refer to the same reference more than once?17:53, 22 June 2015Timeshifter
Can you make a Wiki so that you're the only one who can add pages?17:51, 15 June 2015Cook879
"Trisquel Enhancement Project" wiki sees its first release14:29, 9 October 2014Jack Phoenix
About interwiki extention for stuff13:46, 28 March 2014鯉色マッリ
Site Changes?20:40, 7 February 2014Almael
Site outages02:35, 16 September 2013Timeshifter