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My name is, and I'm a member of pkmncollectors. Along with being a member, I am also the administrator to the pkmncollectors wiki which was the initial brainchild of myself and Trainer Irene, with encouragement from many others on the community providing ideas and offers to help get started. We have recently moved from Wikia, upset and hurt by the staff and their inability to listen to their user base, and are happy to become a part of the ShoutWiki family.


I collect various things, but mainly stick to Pokedolls, Zukan, Giratina and Arceus, occasionally dappling in Kid figures if they're of a favorite Pokemon or a team member from the games. My largest collection is the Pokemon TCG, for which I am close to completing many sets in from Japan as well as USA/English release. In addition to Pokemon goods, I'm also a collector of Biohazard/Resident Evil games and items.


  • I'm 22 years old.
  • My birthday is in August.
  • I am a video game fanatic, collecting consoles and games from all generations.
  • I run which showcases my personal TCG collection and offers TCG news to collectors.
  • I also run Viperhazard, which is my Biohazard collection showcase.
  • While Giratina and Arceus are my major collections, my favorite Pokemon of all time is a bird pokemon. S016s.png
  • I believe that Reshiram and Zekurom are the Seraphim and Fallen Angel pair under Arceus' command.


  • AIM: callyfin
  • MSN: imto.rolamee (at)
  • Email: (at)
  • Twitter: viper_fox
  • Livejournal: viper_fox

-- S016s.png 01:45, 8 January 2011 (UTC)