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Are you someone who wants to exercise your God-given, Constitutional, First Amendment right to be free to speak up and admit to the fear and intimidation you feel by the increasing number of guns-allowed-almost-everywhere laws across America? If so, it's time to step up and make everyone and every business accountable if they continue to allow the few to terrify the many who have remained apathetic or silent far too long in the face of donation-fueled, political aggression and the incessant, now dangerous pandering to the gun lobby.

Identify your state in this Wiki or add it to the list; identify your city or town; congratulate and patronize businesses that have asked gun owners NOT to carry weapons onto their premises. Let's acknowledge and support gun-free places where men, women and children will be able to exercise their God-given freedom not to be around weapons carried by people--though law-abiding--who are not law enforcement officers.

Identify ALL the politicians who accept donations from the gun lobby preferring to take money from the gun lobby instead of taking a stand against the growing insanity of people who want to carry guns and rifles everywhere as though we are still living in the era of the Wild West.

Why should the rights of one group of Americans trample on the rights of other Americans who believe that the presence of guns everywhere threatens our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

We don't need well-armed militias in our grocery stores, restaurants, playgrounds, schools, and churches. If gun owners want to protect and serve us in every public space, they may join law enforcement departments and agencies.

If we are to restore sanity and restore balance among the rights we share under the Constitution of the United States of America, please speak up and be heard!