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Who are we? Nipponbunka Kenkyuu Bukatsu (Or NibunKen for short) is a little club who founded by Kagetsuki Arai, Hanazono Shiori and Hazekura Aya. A club who founded as gathering circle for Anime Otaku but developed into all Japan pop culture included Manga, Visual Novel, Light Novel and Doujinshi.

Currently, NibunKen have seven members

1. Kagetsuki Arai, One of founder. A –Self Proclaimed- Lolicon who like chasing any pettanko in sight. Not as Nijikon as it seems but currently dating an Anime character named Nuomi Kudrayvka from Little Buster. Unfortunately, The current leader of NibunKen. He enjoy writing a story both fan fiction and original.

2. Hanazono Shiori, One of founder. She is the youngest member and her sole purpose in this club –according the Buchou- is for mascot (The significant of mascot in digital club is debatable). Live in hospital room almost in her entire live but active talking about Japan-related thingy (Mostly anime) inside the circle. It sad that she never existed in internet for make an anime review.

3. Hazekura Aya, One of founder. According to our note, is the oldest member present, dubbed as ‘pettan-neesama’. Proud to be pettan and enjoy making fun of non-pettan. Mostly enjoy manga and anime –typically shoujo- and start to make her own fan fiction.

4. Kamisaka Misaka, A Light Novel reader and jappan-sentris novel author. The only reason she watch anime is if JC Staff make them. Madly fall in love to Kamijou Touma and make a rather disturbing lemony-novel of her and Kamijou Touma and proud of it. Buchou has ban Misaka-san lemony-novel after Shiori accidentally read them. Pervert Level: Medium with a spoon of salt.

5. Kogasaka Kotarou, A visual Novel player and link hunter. The sole reason he is NibunKen is because there is no one in our school who pervert enough to discuss her experience to play Eroge. He like Key Visual art works and that was the first thing NibunKen agree on. The subject to make all Key Franchise fan fiction is his idea and currently become crazy because stuck in one of draft we work on.

5. Kamiya Ren, A researcher in NibunKen. You can ask him anything related to Japan and if he doesn’t have an answer, he will find it until he gets it. A rather interesting fellow when in desperate mode and annoying boy when not on it. Currently gather anything related with festival and still not get all of them. Anyone care to help?

6. Kamiya Lin, Ren Twin-sister and second in command when Arai goes crazy because succeed rubbing his hand on Aya or Shiori chest. The most normal member present when not fall into fangirling mode. She hates hentai-stuff and proudly declares that "Hentai must go to hell" --Who Shiori agreed on-. She is also Sanity-meter in Nibunken.

7. Kitsugaya Orihime, A myth lover in NibunKen, fan of Tanabata Legend and go-wild when Kyuubi No Yokou mentioned in any anime NibunKen watch together. Have a mass knowledge about Japan Myth and every monster on it. Her --Self Proclaimed- Husband is Araragi Koyomi. She is one of experienced Author in NibunKen but too lazy to write anything.