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Matt, also known on Tengaged by the username MattsBBUpdates, is an active member of popular gaming website Tengaged. Since joining the site, Matt has played a total of 75 official Tengaged games, as well as taken part in numerous Group Games. He joined his first official game the day he joined the site, ultimately coming in 2nd place. These wins brought him to his current Karma, which is 81. His first group game was BigBruv's Big Brother 2, which Matt placed 7th in.. While in the game, he won a total of three competitions. He later participated in Gheesling's Big Brother 2, which had a "second chances" theme. Matt placed 3rd, which lasted for a total of 42 days. Matt won the most HOH's this season as well, giving him the record of most HOH wins, tied with season one player Kilv.. His color level is yellow, which he has owned since December 25, 2012.

As of February of 2013, he has been the host of his own group game, Matt's Big Brother. The first season premiered in March.