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The House of Yahweh[edit]

House of Yahweh, as it exists today, in Abilene, Texas, is the re-established work of the Creator, Yahweh, and is identical, in all doctrinal aspects, with that of Adam, Abraham, and Mosheh (Moses). Many prophecies were fulfilled in order to pave the way for the re-establishment of this great work, and all efforts by members are aimed at bringing peace, true peace, to the entire world.

The first book-form publication on doctrine, and scriptural myth-correction, was probably The Mark of the Beast which was published in 1985. This book is a go-to must-have for scholars, 'seminary' students, 'bible' students, pastors, and lay people. It explains what the Mark of the Beast is, how the Scriptural definition differs greatly from common beliefs and teachings, and it also defines the Mark of Yahweh and how Yahweh recognizes His own people.

The Book of Yahweh, is probably is another book which everyone should have, which has the corrected translations (along with proof from Hebrew, Aramaic, Chaldee, and Greek Lexicons, of many common 'biblical' translations. Scholars who have reviewed this publication agree that it is the most accurate translation, and praise its' exclusive use of Yahweh as the Name of the Creator.

The free, short, paperback booklets, Who is Lord God! Who is Baal!, Who do you worship?, and the books-for-donation In Search of a Savior, and Did Yahshua Messiah Pre-Exist give highly detailed explanations, using the authoritative Lexicons, about the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua, how the religious leaders conspired to hide the names and replace them with names and titles of pagan deities. The names of pagan gods and their titles, effectively hid the Creator's true identity, character, and plan for mankind.

The Books The Two Witnesses, and The Beginning of the End explain verses in Scripture such as Isayah (Isaiah) chapters 43 and 44, which prophesy of the One Yahweh would give us whose name is Yisrayl Hawkins. They also explain the prophecy of how and why Yisrayl changed His name from Buffalo Bill to Yisrayl, and how and why his brother J.G. would change his name to Jacob.

In Chagyah (Hagai) 2:21, it appears that a message is sent to the governor, or prince, of Yahdah (Judea), whose name was Zerubabbel. While this is true, it was a prophecy for these end times, and did not pertain to Zerubabbel the governor or his lifetime. The verse, in the 10th Edition of the Book of Yahweh reads: Speak to Zerubabbel, governor of Yahdah, saying; I will shake the heavens and the earth... This prophecy is speaking of two things, the Great Earthquake prophesied in Revelation 6:12 and how Ysirayl Hawkins would shake the foundations of all religions, their false teachings, and prove wrong all those age-old traditions.