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Choose a domain name[edit]

Ideas: / / / /

In charge: everyone

Deadline: Let’s all put in our ideas and vote for our favorite names by next week, say July 10th?


In charge:


Choose a website host[edit]

buy also the domain name and set up a site email

In charge:


Choose the videos and vegetarian starter kits/guides[edit]

In charge: everyone?


English videos:

English guides:

Vidéos en français:

Guides en français:

Do we want other content?[edit]

The basic is to have a one-page site: a main video with a comment section below and links to other videos and vegetarian starter guides on the side. HOWEVER we can do whatever we want! So we can let our ideas run free and think about what we’d like to share with people regarding animals :)

Ideas: · A section about animal intelligence and sentiment. For example, a page full with pictures of different species and when the visitor clicks on one of them, there’s a little box opening with one or more nice stories featuring that species.

· A youtube channel section where people are encouraged to post videos showing animal personality (idea inspired by Andrea’s Animal places video J )

· Info taken from Laurie’s Gary Yourofsky’s website (what info about Gary's website?)

· Others?

Choose a site template[edit]

In charge:

Design ads[edit]

In charge:

Manage ad placement[edit]

In charge:

Monitor the site and answer comments / emails[edit]

In charge: