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Justine Blanchet is a new country singer, songwriter and musician from Quebec, Canada. Some of her notable appearances include performances at the Nashville's legendary Bluebird Cafe, Big Valley Jamboree, RBC Bluesfest (She's the One) and Diamonds in the Rough showcase (CCMA). She has also appeared many times on Global News Montreal to talk about her music and her experience as a homeschooler.


Justine has released five singles. Her songs are played in numerous community and small market radio stations across Canada.


From the first note, Strong catches the attention with its infectious tempo and catchy chorus. Co-written by Justine Blanchet and Jennifer Rae Camche and produced by Emerson Drive guitarist Yann Bélanger, Strong blends elements of contemporary country and influences of pop and rock. Lyrically, the song is about letting go of everything holding you down, an empowering message everyone needs to hear.

Sing Like No One's Watching[edit]

Justine Blanchet debut single “Sing Like No One’s Watching” is a country pop song about trying to find the right lyrics that could inspire someone. With its upbeat melody and catchy chorus, Sing Like No One’s Watching will have you sing along… like no one’s watching.

Young Love[edit]

Young Love is a bittersweet song based on a true story that captures the emotional upheaval of a first love. With its mesmerizing mid-tempo melody, Young Love blends modern country with elements of rock and pop.

Feelin' Free[edit]

Just in time for summer, Feelin’ Free is an upbeat feel good song with a great hook. Lyrically, the song is about following our dream even when people around are telling us otherwise.

Ready to Fly[edit]

Ready to Fly is a heart-warming country song that celebrates the special bond between fathers and daughters. That unique relationship that starts from the moment she’s born and never stops. Even when she is ready to fly, fathers and daughters will always be ‘close at the heart, like a river so deep that never runs dry’. Ready to Fly will just captivate your heart with touching lyrics and that perfect blend of Justine’s powerful voice and Dean’s soothing voice.

Early Life[edit]

Born in a musical family, Justine Blanchet started to perform in public at the age of 5 at church, camps and hospitals. Homeschooled, she learned piano, guitar, and saxophone as part of her curriculum. At 12 years old, after surviving an acute peritonitis, she decided to follow her dream to be a singer. Since then, she has performed in various venues and competed in many singing competitions achieving distinctions and outstanding awards. At 13 years old she toured during seven weeks the province of Quebec as the Lead singer for the Regional Music Cadets camp.

Distinctions & Awards[edit]

  • Semi-Finalist - Big Valley Jamboree (2017)
  • Second Runner up - Seacoast Idol (2017)
  • First place - Brome Fair (2016)
  • Finalist - She's the One (RBC Bluesfest) (2016)
  • Gold medal with honor - Bravissimo Competition (2016)
  • 2nd place - Vermont Maple Festival (2016)
  • First place - Loaded with Talents Competition (2015)