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Hey Guys - this is easier / more coordinated that swapping emails and waiting for responses

Anyone can add stuff or see what's happening.

First: Rhonda Rennie said (in her last email) Hi All Have talked to most up here ..('cept Kimbo -but she's usually ok) and 1st week-end in May is good ....Rang Park Beach and at this stage they have a hold on the cabins we wanted HOWEVER they do have the ones in the area 1,2,3,,4,5,6....through to the eighteen area. Various set -ups. -Grah 8 and 9 sleep 2 each and have bathrooms. The ones we wanted do not have to be confirmed until November. They will hold selected ones for us till then too. there is a barbie between 8 and 17.

I think Beau (Coote) is about to book two weeks holiday to coincide with our dates. Zoe and Andrew have to take holidays at a set time (March I think) so they may not be able to link up.

Now, if anyone has a map of the camp ground, can they please post it so we can all get an idea of where we are booking.