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Please contribute to this category.

We will need pages for the following subtopics. Feel free to contribute by adding one of the following pages & adding content, or by adding to this list of categories:

Hip Hop:

History of Hip Hop: We should include males & females plus cultural variations, mainstream hip hop, conscious hip hop, underground hip hop, feminist hip hop, queer hip hop, and other variations. Please cite sources & list a wide variety of hip hop artists representing cultural/gender variations in the U.S. and globally, as it started out in the U.S. historically but has expanded into an international phenomenon

Hip Hop Culture: Reflection of cultural variations through independent and mainstream hip hop plus the mass effect of mainstream rap on culture. This is a controversial topic so it should include multiple arguments made by researchers shedding the effect on mass culture in a positive light and in a negative light.

Mainstream Hip Hop: Focusing specifically on hip hop artists represented by the mainstream industry.

Black Hip Hop: Discussion of black hip hop artists and black issues addressed by these artists plus any impacts on the black community and other communities by mainstream rap. U.S. & globally.

Latin American Hip Hop: Same as above, except as it concerns the Latin American artists and impact on communities.

Hip Hop Females & Feminism: specifically as it relates to details on female emcees, feminist emcees, political/conscious female emcees, the effect on women by mainstream rap, & positive potentials within alternative hip hop for feminist/political female emcees. Openly queer female emcees who advance queer rights may be mentioned here, however there is a separate category for Queer Activist Hip Hop

Conscious/Alternative Hip Hop: To include info on political & social justice issues addressed by some alternative/underground artists. Alternative may not necessarily mean "conscious" so discussion of the differnece is also important with examples and citations.

Underground Hip Hop: Underground artists from the 80s - today, including both male and female emcees & groups, in the U.S. and globally, and representing the broad scope of underground hip hop. Also, clarification on independent vs. mainstream rap is needed, since many "indie" labels are opened by larger corporations; so in regards to "how" independent they are, how much control they have over their art, image, and marketing, plus what their art represents (in regards to lyrics, style, and creativity), and what their following is. Since there are NUMEROUS underground artists, we should start out with a list and then consider incorporation of these into the page, citing certain examples.

Queer Activist Hip Hop (AKA Gay Hip Hop): There are hip hop artists who are promoting GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transexual/ Transgender) rights. This category should include info on the emerging gay hip hop scene in New York and any other cities where there is a scene or even just one particular artist or group.

Other Categories: Please list other categories below that you feel should be added, or discuss this on the talk page.