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Guidelines for Thai speaking teachers in the English language lessons.

Here is a list of guidelines for the class teachers in the KG classrooms our volunteers teach English in. The class teachers are Thai speakers with little or no English. They want to help and would like guidance from us as to how they can help support the learners in the English lessons. The volunteers are English speakers but not qualified teachers. We are using the OUP Let's Go commercial scheme of work. The children are 6 and 7 years old. These guidelines will be translated into Thai for the teachers. Any contributions gratefully accepted.

We are using an immersion system for learning English. The children will hear words in English and then learn their meaning by working it out from the context and the other words they have prior understanding of. Try not to translate vocabulary into Thai otherwise the children won't learn the meaning they will just look to the teacher for the meaning and in the real world you won't be there to translate. The children will remember best if they have had to work out the meaning for themselves.

You can support the learners by translating instructions, but avoid translate the vocabulary they are supposed to be learning.