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                             [CodeNameRave - An Eventaul WebComics on Rav Culture is Live On Patreon] 
     Are you a comic lover?Wanna read some different and interesting comic story based on rave culture?

New comic book “Codename Rave” is coming on patreon to highlight rave culture.There is currently no comic book that was crafted specifically to highlight rave culture and its stories.But i'm pretty sure the readers will enjoy this beutifully crafted comic.

The Broken Flow, penned this interesting series which follows the story of The Operator. The story revolves around how operator fight for his existence in a Replay City. Creator define Replay city like “ Replay City stands tall.  The lights glow neon and bold.  It is a City overtaken by factions,warriors and criminals. It is a city of strife.  It is a city of struggle.  And its struggle is no longer its own.In time, every City comes in conflict with a power Beyond its control.  Replay City has one in the form of a system.  That system allows for anyone in need of services to simply cry out via the push of a button.  Sadly, those services tend to be extralegal.  Sadly those services called out to a madman. But good things are always there with bad ones.Good thing the Sonic Goddesses, known as The Groove have got his back.In time, every City comes in conflict with a power Beyond its control.                                                         

Codename: Rave follows the story of a man known only as the Operator as he struggles to find a place in a city where everyone has power Beyond imagination....except him. Though hand to hand combat is a form of his survival to an extent, the Operator calls to Sonic Goddesses known as the Groove when times get rough via turntable technology. In a city where everyone holds power but him, it gives him just enough of an edge to keep him from falling over the cliff.

Join the denizens and guests of Replay City as they find their way to the Operator and the battle of an era. You'll meet new faces, discover new places, and ultimately come to find that the Operator is lurking in the cracks of alleys of Replay City. When will he be revealed?

What inspired the project? His love for Djing inspired him to create something interesting.

About the Author

There aren't too many things that won't come from a pen swung by the Broken Flow. Be it video games, raw romance, action, or weird word play, he's always looking for the next challenge. The Broken Flow remains the center of the literary universe within the world of Codename: Rave. Over the past 15 years he has worked tirelessly to temper his pen and form his black ink into his shards of story. Pull up a chair, but don't get too comfortable.

Now,we are live on Patreon. Comic Lovers can get all the issues for free as rewards! Be a Patron for Our Comics.