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So, You've Been Blocked?[edit]

There are two types of blocks here on ShoutWiki, local, and global blocks. A local block is one performed on a wiki itself, while a global block is one performed to be in act over all ShoutWiki wikis.

Local Blocks[edit]

Local blocks are usually performed by the wiki's sysop(s) or steward(s). ShoutWiki staff occasionally block users if it involves severe vandalism, spam, or other issues where other assistance cannot be found.

Usually, you should be able to contact the person who blocked you. If the block is completely absurd in every way possible, you are encouraged to seek staff assistance by using the contact form.

Reasons for a local-wiki block may include ...

Abusing Multiple Accounts (creating numerous accounts for nonsense)

Sockpuppetry or Meatpuppetry (creating other accounts for the sole purpose of pretending to contact between)

Vandalism or Spam

Global Blocks[edit]

Global blocks are ShoutWiki-wide and take affect on every wiki (excluding private wikis hosted by ShoutWiki). They can only be performed by staff at the moment and are also not performed often.

You will be able to, in all cases, be able to use special:contact or e-mail the staff member who banned you if you believe that it is in error. Due to the nature of the case and refutation provided, you cannot be sure if you will be unbanned.

Reasons for global blocks may include ...

Cross-wiki Spam

Sockpuppetry or Meatpuppetry

Mass Vandalism

Abusing Multiple Accounts as verified with Check User.