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About Me I am editing all the time, and I am an admin. My favorite fairy is completely Bloom, though others seem to see her as a snob. I love the 4Kids dub, but I prefer the original Cinelume English. They messed up Magical Do-Re-Mi and they also mucked up Tokyo Mew Mew, but they aced Winx Club. I love cheesey pizza and I also love rabbits;), and I've got one called Fluffy. I love Winx Club Wikia, and I also like Angela's Winx World, Winx Fairies Blogspot, and Micheal's Winx Club. I can get you into a lot of trouble if you are a vandal; I really can be scary, but only if neccesary. I LOVE Sailor Moon! I also like Mew Mew Power, and am a huge fan of W.I.T.C.H. Magical Girl Metaseries rock!--BloomPurple11-Fire Arrow 11:24, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Check out my six talkboxes!

My Favourite Winx Girls Bloom - (Isn't it a little too obvious?)

Roxy - (She is SO cool, don't you agree?) Stella - (She is hilarious, and we are both chatterboxes)

Layla - (She is so awesome and talented, we both are great at sports!)

Tecna - (She is alright, but sometimes she is boring)

Flora - (She is sweet and kind, but sometimes a bit too adult-like)

Musa - (I like all of the Winx, but Musa is a bit too harsh on Riven)

My Favourite Pages A must See! Season 4 Episode 8, White Circle in English!


Bloom's Wardrobe


My Fairy Name: Babi Ariel

Realm: Warva

Power: Water

Pixie: Lara, The Pixie of Video Games

Pet: Ribbon the Dolphin

Color: Purple

Believix Power: Voice of the Deep Seas/ La Voce del Aquate Profonde

Accent: West America

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue

Bloom Pictures! These are some nice Bloom pictures, I like Bloom because she is determined and engergetic, and also quite kind.

Most Popular Fairy: Flora Bloom