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The SVG version of the AWA logo

I'm Airhogs777. You might know me from Wikia as Airhogs777 or from Wikipedia as Nicky Nouse. I am a co-founder of the Anti-Wikia Alliance, which is a group of users from Wikia who oppose the new skin, also called Wikia. The AWA is just backing up its content here because its page on Wikia is at high risk for deletion. The original page is at wikia:c:community:Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance and looks better there because it's formatted for their skins and features. We also have a separate page for comments (now at s:w:awa:Talk:Anti-Wikia Alliance) and even a Declaration of Independence (now at s:w:awa:Declaration of Independence)! I'm also the one that made the AWA logo into a SVG vector image (with Inkscape.)