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About Me[edit]

My name is Abby and I am the creator of All The Best!x5 wiki. I live in Toronto, Canada. I love to read books (especially with love triangles ^_^), write Arashi fanfictions, listen to J-Pop, K-Pop and sometimes C-Pop, I love watching J-Dramas, K-Dramas and C-Dramas, and I love to surf around the net.

My favorite Arashi TV show has to be Mago Mago Arashi. It was a show that aired before Arashi got popular so they were able to relax and have fun all the time. Sometimes the children and grandparents that appeared on the show were hilarious! Also it was touching too like Arashi's strength and motivation to do the boat rowing race for a grandpa who always wanted to do one. *(*´∀`*)☆

My favorite member.... Well I can't choose one so meh.

My favorite Arashi drama has to be The Quiz Show 2 with Sho. The intensity and mystery behind his character was so amazing to watch and to discover. I hope Arashi will have more roles like that.

Where You Can Contact Me & Find Me[edit]