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ShoutWiki's Technical Staff

ShoutWiki's technical staff are the people working on our MediaWiki software. If you need to report a bug, please do so on Phabricator. The technical staff looks through those bug reports once a week before the code rollout. Like the Customer Support Team, technical staff also have full access to all wikis, and they're shown on Special:ListUsers/staff on every wiki, even though the technical staff don't need this access too often.


Lcawte.jpg Lcawte is the Chief Technical Officer for ShoutWiki. He looks after our servers and tries to fix any bugs that come up with ShoutWiki so he is best to contact if you notice any problems with the site.


Blindfold hat.jpg Isarra is ShoutWiki's User Experience Designer and Uncyclopedia administrator. She has a computer science degree and currently lives in the United States.

Contacting the technical staff

If you need an extension activated for your wiki, please contact the Customer Support Team rather than the technical staff. If you need technical support, please go through the regular channels. If you have a matter of more urgency or that is not specifically a support request, you can find our technical staff on IRC.