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At this time, no imports are being processed by ShoutWiki.
This is due to technical problems causing availability issues on our servers. We've taken this measure to protect the usability and availability of our site for all users.

This page is a step-by-step guide which explains how the process of importing wikis and pages to ShoutWiki works.

Importing entire wikis

  1. Request a new database dump on the original wiki. You can do this on Special:Statistics by clicking the "request new dump" button.
  2. Wait patiently for the dump to be updated.
  3. The dump has been updated. Now you can let ShoutWiki staff import it for you.
  4. Contact ShoutWiki staff by using the Special:Contact page. Be sure to include a link to the dump and the subdomain of the ShoutWiki site you want it imported to.

Importing pages/revisions using Special:Export

Note: Always import the full revision history for all pages to avoid copyright issues!
Note: This is only for when you are importing a few pages, not for entire wikis.

  1. Make a list of pages you want to import.
  2. Enter the list on Special:Export on the original wiki.
    • Important!!: Make sure that the "Include only the current revision, not the full history" box is not checked. You need the entire revision history to comply with copyright laws!
  3. Make sure you read step two and a half, as failure to comply with copyright laws will potentially have serious consequences, possibly even the deletion of your wiki (see ShoutWiki's wiki deletion policy).
  4. After making sure you are getting the entire revision history, click "export". Note that you can only import a maximum of 2MB to ShoutWiki on each import, so be certain that the exported file is no larger than 2MB.
  5. Go to Special:Import on the wiki you wish to import the pages to.
  6. Select the file you wish to import and write a short summary if needed.
  7. Click "upload file" and wait for the pages to be imported.

If you carefully read the above instructions, the import should be completed without any problems.

  • If you get error messages about the imported file being too large, then you failed to make sure that the file is smaller than 2MB.
  • If you notice that you have only imported the most recent revision, than you have failed to read the very important steps two and a half, three and four. If you have not imported the entire revision history of the pages, your wiki is now violating copyright laws and you should look into fixing this as soon as possible.

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