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Your level can be seen on your profile, next to your user name.

In order for us to recognize users that spend a great deal of their time collaborating with other users, we've implemented an automated point and level system. This feature is currently available with our social tools package.

How it works

Every time you reach the next user level, it will appear on your profile page, and on every comment you leave.

Note that abusing this point system will not be appreciated by other users and may result in action being taken against your account.

The point system

Take a look at the tables below to see how the points and levels system works.

Note that the numbers and names are only examples and are customizable.

The Levels

Points needed Title
0 Recruit
1,200 Apprentice
1,750 Private
2,500 Corporal
5,000 Sergeant
10,000 Gunnery Sergeant
20,000 Lieutenant
35,000 Captain
50,000 Major
75,000 Lieutenant Commander
100,000 Commander
150,000 Colonel
250,000 Brigadier
350,000 Brigadier General
500,000 Major General
650,000 Lieutenant General
800,000 General
1,000,000+ General of the Army

Point values

What to do Points you'll get
Signing up 1,000
Recruiting a new user 0
Adding your first avatar 100
Voting for an article 0
Leaving a comment 0
If your comment gets a thumbs up 0
If another user ignores your comments 0
Editing a page in the main namespace 50
Rating a page 0
Adding a friend/foe 0
Giving a gift 0
Receiving a gift 0
Taking a poll 0
Answering a quiz question 0
Creating a quiz question 0
Have the most points for a week 0
Have the most points for a month 0

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